Our Pricing

When you add great talent to your business, you add lots of value too and one of the big advantages of our pricing model for you, is that you pay nothing unless we find the right person for you and they join your team. Below, you can read a little bit more about how pricing works and you can also review your pricing options with us.

Your Pricing Options

You can hire us as your recruiting agency or contract recruiter to find candidates for an open position. We will only get paid if a candidate we find is hired by your organization.

Our team of consultants can arrange an exclusive Ala’Carte Arrangement that fits our special services to your specific needs.

If your organization hires seasonally, we can accommodate a retainer based contract where in “open season” we will be finding potentially strong recruits that fit your job descriptions.

A volume contract can be suitable with a pre-determined number of hire for designated position in a limited period of time. We can schedule a call to further unfold the requirements that you may have.

If you have a limited basic service requirement from us, we can form a mandatory negotiation between you and our prime consultant

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