About Us

The Hire Direct team has been successfully connecting talented candidates with career opportunities for over 10 years. It’s in our DNA to go above and beyond – in doing what we do best. We are a US-based company with offices based in New Jersey, Delaware, and Asia. We have a multinational and multicultural team of over 120 amazing people, and as a result, you will find a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere in any of our offices.

Our Mission

We are a leader in specialist recruitment and workforce solutions, with our focus on finance, risk and compliance, IT, and cybersecurity. We invest in lifelong partnerships that empower people and businesses to succeed. We help you achieve your career goals and deliver your business needs by combining meaningful innovation with our global scale and insights.

Our Commitment to you

Visit Hire Direct for the greatest career guidance. Our team of experts either has relevant academic training or work experience in respective fields. We take the time to hear your long-term objectives and offer you frank criticism to assist you in achieving them. Our global presence allows us to get insight into both the home and foreign markets. Over the years, many people have advanced their careers internationally and we have assisted them to do so.

Why Businesses Select Us

Our impressive track record, in our opinion, is only as strong as the most recent task. Regardless of the level, duration of the contract, or salary, we constantly strive to be the best and develop an original solution for every recruitment mandate. Our tried-and-true methods have frequently become industry norms, but what really distinguishes us is the human element. To get the best outcome for both parties, we take the time to comprehend our customers’ requirements and the career goals of our applicants. Relationships that last for a long time are the outcome of this cooperative approach.

Both our solutions and individual businesses are unique. In order to maximize your talent acquisition procedures and create a pipeline of qualified applicants for you, Hire Direct approaches each collaboration with a unique plan.

You can rely on the individuals we recruit to be skilled workers who embody the culture of your company thanks to our culture-focused mindset.

Reduced turnover and increased retention are results of content employees.

RPO is a type of business process outsourcing where a company outsources all (or some) of its hiring needs to a staffing firm. An RPO partner may offer its own hiring procedures or take over the operations, personnel, technology, methodology, and reporting of a business.

We remove every uncertainty from implementation. Our devoted staff will meet with you right away to create a special onboarding strategy so that talented recruiters can start working on your opportunities as soon as possible!

We approach every project with integrity and high standards. Since we’ll operate within your applicant tracking system (ATS), there won’t be any downtime while we switch services, and you’ll keep all of the sourced prospects in your database. You will be able to monitor the development of your recruitment transition using our management tool.

We provide a comprehensive transition strategy that takes into account all aspects of the partnerships.

Why choose Hire Direct?

We provide highly qualified resources

Skilled professionals with high levels of education to create a trustworthy team

We specialize in Quick Placement

We screen and keep candidates ready and available for anything you might need.

Customized pricing tailored to meet your budget

We are here to help you grow, talk with a team member today to learn your options.

You build your team we just help you find the right ones!

A seamless process with legitimate qualitative resumes and inspiring job opportunities!