How It Works

How Our Approach Works– 3 step process:

Tell Us About your Ideal Staff for Better Staffing Solutions

We understand that each business is unique and that your requirements are specific. In a short, productive meeting we will listen carefully to your requirements to ensure that we suggest the right staff member to match both you and your business.

Talent Recommendation by Hire Direct

We will pre-screen and handpick an experienced team member(s) based on your requirements. You will have the opportunity to interview them to verify that they are a good match, before you hire, giving you that extra level of confidence in the person you’ll be working with.

Let's Start Working

With the benefit of our staffing solutions your staff will learn about your business, how you like to work, and the tools you like to use. Once we are aware of all the necessary details we move on to giving you a liable solution that goes a long way for your agile processes.

Our On-Going Support

We help you minimize the time-consuming and seemingly unproductive tasks associated with staffing so that you can focus on more productive and profitable areas of your business.

How It Works (Remote Staff)

We understand the challenge of having to manage remote employees during your absence. Therefore, each team member hired is supervised and monitored by our senior staff. We also provide state-of-the-art office space, employee benefits, insurances, local compliance, utilities, HR, and more for your Hire Direct remote staff. Hiring with us is simply the beginning of a long-lasting working relationship.