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Job Description:

Director of Workforce Development

The center is currently searching for a qualified instructor to prepare students for the CompTIA certification in Network+, Linux+ and Security+ to deliver, end-user training in a classroom setting to unemployed, incumbent workers, and recent graduates to enter the IT industry.

Our client BMCC’s Continuing Education provides educational opportunities, including high demand certifications, for the ones aspiring to become Information Technology professionals. Our programs are designed to prepare students for direct entry into the job market and provide hands-on instruction. It is our goal to specialize in those areas for which the job growth potential is highest. Our hallmark is personalized, practical, real-world instruction that best prepares the student for his or her future while meeting the needs of employers.

Other Duties

As an IT Instructor, you will be responsible for classes of up to 25 students. You will facilitate ‘real world’ scenario training, providing students with hands-on education where they will actually perform the skills you teach them in class. You will provide students with the education and skills they need to obtain the most important and recognized industry certifications and a new career in the technology industry.

Teaching delivery – In person and Instructor led virtual classes.
Provide hands-on instruction as prescribed in the syllabus
Incorporate Crybaby for Teams lab simulations and activities into curriculum
Prepare lesson plans with reading, activities, quizzes, and tests for students
Answer students’ questions concisely and accurately
Submit student progress reports upon class completion


The IT Instructor role, you must have a passion for teaching and experience managing student attendance, assignments, and class participation. We are seeking a strong communicator who is able to captivate and stimulate classroom audience. You must be able to manage classes and handle typical student issues. Qualified candidates must possess strong decision making skills and work efficiently with others. Other requirements of the Instructor role include:

Experience teaching infrastructure and networking classes
Experience teaching virtual, blended and in person tech courses.
Develop curriculum in alignment with CompTIA Linux+, Network+ and Security + Certification Exam Objectives
Previous IT networking experience.
Prior teaching experience is preferred.
Able to work evening or weekend classes


Bachelor Degree

Required Experience:

Networking: 3 years
System Administration: 3 years
Windows Server 2012: 3 years
Command Line Tools
Scripting fundamentals
In field work: 5 years

Apply before September 7, 2022 at hr@hiredirect.com