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Job Description:

The Role:

Hire Direct is looking to hire a Cyber Security Associate with an analytical mind and a detailed understanding of enterprise risk management methodologies. The candidate is expected to have a meticulous attention to detail, outstanding problem-solving skills, work comfortably under pressure and deliver on tight deadlines.

The Cyber Security Associate performs various functions, including being responsible for new and improved controls to meet global regulatory requirements, compliance with cyber security standards used by the firm. They will help to improve and develop new process designs and technology platform strategies supporting the program.

Develop and enhance cyber security related policies and procedures to meet regulatory and certification requirements.

Oversee the implementation of new and improved cyber security controls for increased maturity and to meet regulatory expectations.

Collaborate with control owners, senior leadership of business areas to deliver creative solutions that reduce cyber security risk at the firm.

Implement a continuous monitoring strategy to identify and respond to changes to cyber security risk posture and communicate to control owners.

Implement a risk issue management process to track residual risk and mitigation plans of gaps in cyber security controls resulting from assessments.

Provide guidance to control owners on results from controls maturity assessments, compliance assessments of standards and regulations.

Collaborate with business and technology to implement technology platforms supporting the program; identify opportunities to streamline and automate processes using technology

Stay abreast of emerging cyber security threats such as supply chain and develop improvements to the program to mitigate gaps.

Support due diligence requests of controls posture at HireDirect as a third party to external

Define and maintain cyber security policies and procedures

Ensure that  the program meets existing and new regulatory requirements

Provide management metrics and reporting of risks and program performance

Might additionally be called upon to:

Participate in decisions about changes to information security controls at the firm
Participate in responding to regulatory examination
Participating in the change management process

You’ll need to have:

Prospective candidates should possess certain qualities, abilities, experience, and knowledge to prove that you will be able to succeed in achieving the obligations, purpose, and objectives of the role. Such as:

Education: Employer seeks individuals with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, but a high school diploma / GED with extensive Physical Security experience is also accepted
Strong familiarity with cyber security domains, such as application security, network security, identity and access management, vulnerability management, policies and procedures. Familiarity with information security, business continuity, data privacy, records retention, and technology infrastructure is a plus
Familiarity with operational risk frameworks: risk assessment, risk classification, risk metrics, issue management
Communication skills: In executing their duties, this role must communicate with various audiences, including business leaders, clients, team members, and engineers. It is important that they have great verbal communication skills to convey information to the relevant audience. They also require exceptional written communication, documentation, and reporting skills
Teamwork abilities: Is expected to work with various multi-disciplinary teams, so it is vital that they are team-oriented individuals with priority on the successful completion of group goals
Excellent analytical and troubleshooting skills: It is also essential that applicants have the necessary skills to constantly monitor the process to identify emerging gaps or issues and proactively execute change

Apply before Oct 6, 2022 at hr@hiredirect.com