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How Offshoring has Helped Companies Like Amazon & Google Save on Labor Costs and Expand Their Empires

Companies Have Offshored Their Staff

Offshoring is a smart way to save money, that’s why companies like Amazon are using them to save on labor costs. If we look at any big company in the US, they hardly have back-office personnel working in the office, it’s usually offshore. The few that work in the office are usually working on the front end by marketing, sales, etc. For example, a smaller yet widely known payroll company called ADP uses the Philippines as its offshore partner. If you wonder why they are resorting to offshore, the answer is simple – cost. They are saving a lot of money by offshoring their payroll to people who can work remotely. They also have their own secure facilities in which they work along with a supervision team. They understood the value of offshoring for the future of their businesses, and we can see that it was a success for them.

Your Dedicated Offshore Staff

As business owners, it’s an investment of time and energy to hire qualified employees who care for your company as much as you do. Our offshore teams are dedicated to being a part of your team, learning what is necessary according to your company culture. They work full time under the supervision of our own senior staff. Our ISO-certified facility will keep your information safe. Bigger companies use data security as well and barely have security breaches. You can work in peace knowing your team is being productive and data secured so that you can focus on the tasks you didn’t have time for before.

Human Resource Partner

There are many advantages of offshoring your team, from saving money to quality people to help your company grow. We will be there every step of the way; we are working with you as your human resource partner. Unlike recruitment companies who will hand over the employee to the company and that’s the end. We stay on board and your employees are in our secure facility managed by our senior staff to ensure they are doing the work you need them to do. We also act as a middle man between the employee and the company, saving U.S companies up to 70% on labor costs such as; FICA, FUTA, SUTA, and all other employer taxes.