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Background of the Candidates for your Remote Team


In Lahore, Pakistan the graduation rate has been increasing since it has become a country. More and more educational facilities are being created so more children can go to school, get jobs, and contribute to the economy. All our employees have gone through primary and secondary education which is equivalent to graduating high school in America. They then go on to universities to get bachelor’s degrees in either Accounting, Engineering, or any position they will be needed for. 


Our employees can be trained for any position necessary. They have experience in software and systems you may use depending on the industry. They can learn how to use Xactimate for estimating in construction or QuickBooks for accounting.

Along with bachelors they have entry-level experience. Some may have more and charge a different rate but at the end of the day, we work with you to find the best fit and price. If someone with a higher level of experience is needed, they can also be trained to do what you need them to even if they are straight out of college. Entry-level can range from 0 years of experience to up to 5 years of experience. Our employees are dedicated to helping your company grow and will train to become what is necessary to be a part of your team. 

Your Company Culture

Every employee that will be added to your team will review your policies before joining. They will have already had an idea from research about your company culture and all those in charge. They will be trained to the level of being someone aware of your office culture already, all you will need to do is welcome them. They will be dedicated to your growth and learn what is necessary to help your company succeed.