Marketing Department


A person who uses written words in different styles and techniques to communicate ideas. Writers produce different forms of literary art and creative writing such as novels, short stories, books, poetry, plays, screenplays, teleplays, songs, and essays as well as other reports and news articles that may be of interest to the public.1


Additional Job Roles


Years Of Experience We Offer

0-10 years of experience. If higher level is necessary, we will be able to find the qualifying candidates.



Associates, Bachelors, or Masters in English, Journalism, Communications, or related disciplines. 

Our Focus


What to Expect from Your Offshore Team

The writers have experience in American language and culture, keeping up with trends and making relevant articles. They will be creating articles or writing about information that is directly related to your company. From learning what they need to, to applying that knowledge into eye catching and unique pieces of work. Your clients will be more inclined to reading and learning about your company. Especially in a marketing standpoint, your team needs to be knowledgeable about SEO, SEM, and keywords that will make your website or social media be easily directed to.  In the world of digitized advertising, it is important to have a team who understands how to make your company stand out. 


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