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Consumer Information Privacy Policy

Hiredirect respects your concerns about maintaining the privacy of non-public personal information (NPI) data submitted to us by clients in connection with the employment background and credential verification services that hire dirct provides. The privacy policy covers all information that we collect including the data we collect from third parties and other sources in connection with the services that we provide. All data will be collected, stored and used in compliance with applicable law, which may include the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”), and other state and federal laws. This notice explains why we collect NPI, what we do with NPI, and how we protect your privacy.

Collecting Information

We collect NPI about our customers and individuals to provide them with investigative and pre-employment screening services. This may include telephone number, address, date of birth, Social Security number, occupation, employment information, and financial information. We may receive NPI from your applications and forms, other businesses, and other service providers.

Intended use of Information

Our clients provide us with personal information in connection with the collection & preparation of data reports. Such personal information may include employment history and other credentials related to the prospective employment with our clients. Hire Direct will use such information only for the purpose of performing pre-employment screening and credential verification services, including to verify the accuracy of the personal information and to check on references. In addition to the data that is submitted to Hire Direct by our clients, Hire Direct may collect data from third parties, such as contact information, public records, biographical information, credit and other lawful checks. hiredirect may prepare interview notes, comments from references and a record of our contact with individuals. hiredirect will provide all such information to our clients in one or more reports.

Sharing Information

We may also share NPI when otherwise required or permitted by law, such as sharing with governmental or other legal authorities. When legally necessary, we ask your permission before sharing NPI about you. Our practices apply to our former, current and future customers.

Please be assured we do not share your NPI to market any product or service.

Contacting Us

For additional information about HireDirect you can go to our Website at We reserve the right to modify this notice. We will provide you with a new notice if we make material changes to our privacy practices.