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Inside Sales Representative

It’s the process of identifying, nurturing, and converting leads remotely. Inside sales representatives work from an office or home and sell products or services by reaching out to clients through email or phone. They don’t go to the customer in person as outside sales reps do.1

Inside Sales Representative

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Years of experience we offer

0-10 years of experience. If higher level is necessary, we will be able to find the qualifying candidates.



Associates, Bachelors, Masters, or PhD degrees in Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, or related disciplines.

Our Focus


What to Expect from Your Offshore Team

Your team will study and understand your product fully to make sure they can sell it at the level you need to succeed. A sales positions is based on intuition and understanding the back and forth of a conversation, from actively listening to connecting with the client on a personal level. Interpersonal skills are very important to have so that customers do not feel like they are getting hit with a call center but rather someone who can connect with them personally. Your team will represent your company culture and processes. 


  1. Sales Development Representative (SDR): What’s the Job Like? (2022, February 14).