Accounts Payable Specialist

Accounting Department

Accounts Payable Specialist

An advanced accounts payable specialist is responsible for supervising records, transactions, operations and personnel within their department. Accounts Payable refers to an account within the general ledger that represents a company’s obligation to pay off a short-term debt to its creditors or suppliers.1

Accounts Payable Specialist

Additional Job Roles


Years Of Experience We Offer

0-10 years of experience. If higher level is necessary, we will be able to find the qualifying candidates.



Certified Accounts Payable Associates (CAPA),

Certified Account Payable Professional (CAPP),

Certified Bookkeeper (CB),

Microsoft Office Certifications,

or related certificates needed can be acquired by our employees. 



Associates, Bachelors, or Masters, in Financial Accounting, Business Math, Accounting Technology, Business Communications, or related disciplines. 

Our Focus


What to Expect from Your Offshore Team

This team is meant to keep track of your company’s bills and invoices. They keep track of credits owed to the company along with vendor payments, logging outgoing disbursements, and payable reports to confirm all amounts paid were accurate. 


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